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Beehively Website Photo Guide

May 07, 2022

Is your website a true reflection of the incredible school community you have? Do the photographs tell potential families about the day to day experiences of being a student on your campus?

In today's world many people first experience a school through it's website, review the tips below to make sure your website photos are working for you! Want some help redesigning your site or help selecting and updating photos - just let our team know, we are happy to help!

Let’s get started!

1. Image Orientation: Banner images are nearly always landscape. Portrait images will be cut down to fit the provided space, or may not fit depending on the photo composition. Cropping may also impact image quality, so landscape is preferred.

2. Banner Image Ratio: Banner images tend to be significantly wide horizontally and narrow vertically. Try to acquire wide-angle images with the focus in the center. This prevents objects and people from being cut out or obstructed by the surrounding web page.

3. Navigation Bar & Feature Placement: A semi-transparent navigation bar or other design elements may obstruct the image. This is contingent upon the chosen design. In a majority of cases, images with the focal point in the lower half will prevent issues such as half-covered faces.

4. Groups of Students: Group shots of students are a common necessity for banner images. Group images display the diverse and interactive environment of the school. However, group shots that are too large can become busy when used on the website! We recommend photos of two to six children at a time.

5. Diversity in Your Photos: Sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of taking lots of photos of your adorable first grade girls, make sure that you are getting photos that that represent your entire school community, you should have representatives from across all grade levels, a good sampling of your entire school community.

6. Children’s Attire: The pictures on your web are a snapshot of your community, so make sure that all students are in dress code, no exceptions.

7. Timing of Photos: Taking several photos before lunch is often smart, as students later in the day may have stains on their clothing from eating, be sweaty from recess or just a bit more tired as the day goes on.

8. Permission: Before taking photos make sure that it is clear which students do not have permission to be photographed for the website. Those students should be removed from the area being photographed, the last thing you want is the best picture of the day to include a student who can’t be on the website.

Reach out to us for more tips and tricks for the perfect pictures for your school!