With school back in full swing we are continuing to update our Software. We have made several changes thanks to the feedback able to be left on our mini surveys! Some other more useful improvements have been made on Newsletters and Bulk Uploading. Continue reading to learn more about our updates.


  • We added a date filter on the student work page, this allows the submission date to be easily tracked
  • The “Mark Incomplete” filter will display the submissions that don’t have any marks added
  • All students are connected with the teacher on the Student Work Page and a dropdown view of all students was added
  • Students in groups other than their primary group have additional memberships listed.
  • When an admin adds holidays to the school year calendar it will show on the attendance page
  • You can now clone pages in the CMS
  • Parents will no longer be able to see the emergency information section
  • Users can now have headers and footers in their templates and make them default templates.
  • Users can now test files while you’re bulk uploading them
  • A list of each persons groups will appear on the People Edit Page alongside their role
  • Cloning a Newsletter no longer creates two drafts
  • You can clone and post a Newsletter to a different classroom in one step.