We have made changes to our Software to provide a more consistent user experience. We have also changed some of our previous terms and settings to make them easier to locate and understand.

New Features:

You can now create groups in bulk with a template and allow groups to be created in bulk on a CSV template. You are free to allow groups to be sorted by name and download your current groups in a CSV format. Another new feature we have is you can add a “Template Comment” to students in a course. For example: As a teacher, when I am creating a template comment for a course, I want to easily use mail-merge style tags to insert student's first names, to customize the comment for each student.


  • New Feedback for New Froala Editor in CMS
  • CMS Pagination Updated
  • Added a Dropdown button on the people page, replacing what once was three separate buttons
  • Updated the UI to show a different message instead of the syncing icon
  • Updated specific email attachments to ensure they open in Gmail/Chrome
  • Last names are now alphabetized in the distribution dashboard
  • Updated the comment popup closing and ensured it would save data if closed
  • Improved attendance so that it updates with bulk uploads
  • Launched full production of Newsletter feature
  • Upgraded Content search functionality