Hello Beehively users! With this latest software update, we have introduced many time-saving features and made numerous improvements across the software to make things easier for you. Here are the highlights!

New Features

  • We now support mail merge in Messages. Now, when composing a message in the People section, you will see a new “Merge Fields” menu represented by a gear icon. Click it to access a list of fields that you can insert into the message body. When you send the email, those codes will be replaced with data specific to that user. For example, “Hi %recipient.first_name%,” will become “Hi John,” in John’s inbox, but “Hi, Sarah” in Sarah’s inbox.
  • You can now set an email signature that will be applied to Messages. To get started, click on your name/profile picture at the bottom of the Beehively sidebar and you'll be able to set an email signature at the bottom of your Personal Settings.
  • You can now hide percentages or grade labels per-student. While you used to only be able to do this for an entire course, you can now hide percentages or grade labels for specific students who need their reports more directly customized.
  • You can now hide individual skills on reports. For those cases where you would like to have skills hidden on reports, the only option used to be just deleting them. Now you also have the option to simply hide them!

Enhancements to User Profile Update Notifications

We’ve made some significant changes to the look of the notification email that is sent to admins when a user updates their profile.

  • We now allow specifically unsubscribing from these user profile update notification emails.
  • We now show entire field titles in these update emails so you can more clearly tell what changed.
  • We now show less jargon in these emails too, and have made them prettier! Expect to see “yes” or “no” instead of “true” or “false”, and other readability improvements.


  • The course list in the gradebook now loads significantly faster!
  • We now remember your color preference for custom events (per-user).
  • Fixed an issue where parents were seeing health screening forms for deactivated students.
  • We now allow homework to be assigned and due on the same day.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue on the Health Screening Responses page.
  • Skipped events are now correctly not visible on the Today page’s Week view.
  • Made Google Classroom sync error messages easier to understand.
  • We now warn users when deleting attachments from Announcements.
  • Made some fixes to the way student names display in the LMS.
  • Beehively websites now load data in parallel for even faster page loading.