Hello Beehively users! We are always trying to create new and useful features for our amazing schools. Today we have a super exciting update that brings more functionality to your courses. With this update, you have the ability to communicate directly with a specific course in your classroom. This includes its own homepage, announcement feed, calendar, resources page, and meet page.

We will also be updating the Beehively Header and Footer in our email templates. Read more about it and see a preview here!

The option to enable the new course page feature can be seen in the course edit screen. Just choose the course you want to create an individual page for, and mark the checkbox that says Course Page Enabled. Make sure to hit Save Course after making this change too.

Once you do this, navigate back to your classroom page and click on the Courses dropdown button. This is how you navigate to your new course page!

Course pages look very similar to a regular classroom page, however only students and parents within that course are able to see them and receive communications from them. Announcements, newsletters, and spotlights work very much the same, and each course page can have an individualized homepage, banner, color, and announcement feed.

In addition to course pages, we have a bunch of other improvements for you too!

  • For admins, in the group edit screen, there is a new visibility dropdown where you have the option to mark a group as visible to all, visible to members, or Hidden. This new option will make the group visible only to the Class Teacher and Additional Staff (and admins). This is useful when you want to hide a group but not necessarily deactivate it, or to hide certain groups from users while setting up your school.

  • We’ve added a slick new interface to People bulk actions, and also added some new actions here as well. You can now bulk add and remove Roles, and bulk add and remove users from Groups, and bulk Activate/Deactivate users.