Hello Beehively users! October has been a busy month for us, and we have another big feature that we believe will help us achieve our goal of making distance learning as easy as possible for our educators. Keeping track of student attendance is definitely a challenge when it comes to virtual class meetings, but we think we have the solution.

If you look on your classroom’s Meet page, you will see a few new things. First, for meetings that already occurred today, you will see an Attendance button on the right side of the event card. This button will take you to a page where you can see the attendance log for each student that participated in the meeting, what time they joined, and the total time they were present. If you hit Download, you will get all your attendance data in a CSV file. Note that we can only collect attendance data if your school chooses to use our own Beehively Meet software.

Also on the Meet page, you will see a new Past Meetings button. This will show you all of your past events in your classroom, and let you access attendance for any previously held meeting. Hopefully, these new features will make recording attendance not only easier, but more enjoyable!