Software Update: October 9th, 2020

Hello Beehively users! Our goal is to make distance learning as simple and effortless as possible for our amazing schools and educators. Today we have a super exciting update that includes a much requested feature: the addition of a Distance Learning (DL) attendance code to distinguish between a student attending school in person and a student attending school from home.

You will see this new feature in the same place that you always take attendance. Simply mark a student as “Present (P)” and you will see the option to specify their attendance as “Present - Distance Learning (DL).” This new attendance code will also reflect in any generated PDF attendance reports so that schools can easily keep track of which students were at home and which students were in school.

A few of the other awesome features also included in this release are:

  • We added the ability to preview event cards from the course editing page so that you always know exactly what your students will be seeing on their Today Page. You can use this feature by clicking on the new Preview button in the Schedule tab for an individual course. You can choose what day and what cohort you’re previewing the event card for.

  • Parents of multiple students can now view the Today Page for each of their children individually so that they can easily keep track of which child is attending which meetings. They will see a new View Meetings button which will allow them to individually select which one of their students’ Today Pages to view.

  • For G Suite enabled schools, you can link a Shared Google Drive (Team Drive) to a group. All group members will automatically be granted access to the files inside without having to manually mess with any Google Drive sharing settings!
  • We made many improvements to our CMS such as sorting Content entries, making published and unpublished pages more easily distinguishable, adding a “Save and new” button to Content, and more!
  • Enabled more filter capabilities on the Content page for Messages
  • Verified that scheduled homework and alerts are distributing at the correct time in all time zones
  • Enhanced support for copying and pasting multiple images into the announcement editor
  • Ensured that attaching a file from Google Drive is functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented newly created users from being able to create a password for their Beehively account
  • Fixed an issue that prevented parents of multiple students from submitting parent attendance using the mobile app