Hello again Beehively users! Today we have more improvements for you in all areas of our software. One important change that we want to highlight is that the Administration menu in the sidebar will now look a little bit different.

  • We have reorganized the sidebar menu for administrators in order to make many features easier to access. Under the new “School Setup” heading, you will see links that take you straight to the setup pages for Health Screening, Cohorts, Timetables, and more!

  • You can now add file attachments to Spotlights, just like how you can with announcements!
  • We improved our course filter tool to make it easier to find specific course that you’re looking for when you have lots of homerooms.
  • Our omnisearch bar is now even more powerful, predicting the page that you want to go to and allowing for partial matches for the person, announcement, group, or course you might be looking for.
  • We made improvements to make loading time faster and ensure a smooth loading experience for group pages.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some staff members from accessing their health screening form.
  • Improved scrolling response and fixed some rare problems with file access in the Beehively mobile app.
  • Fixed an issue where some parents were seeing duplicate profiles for their children in some places.