Hello Beehively, our next round of improvements is already here! We work everyday to improve your Beehively experience with the goal of making the lives of our teachers and educators as easy as possible. Here’s what we have for you today:

  • Made improvements to Google Classroom sync capabilities, including an option to sync all grades or only returned grades, and also easily change the primary teacher in Google Classroom right from Beehively.
  • Added the ability to clone non-synced assignments within a course synced with Google Classroom.
  • When adding users to groups, the search bar now allows for partial matches to a search query.
  • On the Content page, announcements are now clearly labeled according to the name of the group they were sent to.
  • The announcement dashboard now as the option to easily navigate back to the announcement you are looking at.
  • Improved visual elements of the app, as well as added the ability to access files on a mobile device.
  • Group pages will now load pinned content faster .
  • We’ve added the date of completion to the health screening results screen.
  • Custom colors are also available for homework events on the Calendar page.