Hello Beehively users! A new update to Beehively is live as of the morning of February 25th, 2020. We are continuing to add new features to our software so that we can provide you with the tools that you need. The improvements and changes we have made today are:

  • Administrators can update usernames and emails for school users without resetting their passwords
  • We have added a Transcript option to our report types. Turn it on for any classroom under Manage Reports!
  • Our Bulk Add option in People now more clearly displays which uploaded records were successful and which had issues
  • Archived Google Classrooms are now clearly identified in synced Beehively courses. When you make a change to a synced course that would require the classroom to be un-archived, you will be prompted to go to the classroom to un-archive it
  • Ensured that primary homerooms were displaying correctly when adding students to courses