Hello Beehively users! Once again, we have a long list of software improvements for all of you. We want to make your experience using our tools as seamless as possible. The updates we made today are:

  • Users with the ability to publish and approve Announcements now also have the option to not auto-publish their messages, and instead merely send them for approval. This gives other administrators an easy way to review a draft before sending it out. Access this option through the 3 dots menu next to Publish.
  • You can now customize the color of group events scheduled in your calendar! When creating a new event you will see this option at the bottom of the right sidebar. You can also go back and edit the color of previously created events.
  • Editing a school’s timetables is now a separate permission, allowing specific users access to set up the schoolwide period schedule.
  • Numerous performance improvements to the sidebar, calendar, content loading, mobile compatibility, people messaging, and Google Classroom integration.
  • Ensured that parents are able to access all attachments for their children’s meetings