Hello again Beehively users! A new update to Beehively is live as of the morning of May 21st, 2020. Even though school is almost out, we’re still bringing you even more continuous improvement to the software, including new features, bug fixes, and features only available as part of the New Beehively experience. Today we celebrate the work of our engineering team and bring you notes on our latest software release as of May 21st, 2020.

New Features

  • In the New Beehively - Now you can switch between multiple schools easily. If you have accounts in multiple schools, you will now see a “switch schools” button (the crossed arrows icon) in the sidebar by the school name. You can use this to easily jump into any school you have access to.
  • All changes made to gradebooks are now exposed in per-subject logs. View these from the Subject Edit screen. See exactly who added what grades, when!
  • Now, individual custom fields can be hidden from People search. Have a field that you want to record data for, but not have it be searchable? Now you can set that up!
  • We’ve added “resend” controls to the per-person dashboard view. Now when you search for individuals who have not been receiving emails you can resend any emails they’ve missed right from that same view!

Bug Fixes

  • Google Classroom-synced Subjects will now sync in the background instead of loading data all at once. For subjects with lots of assignments, this improves loading times dramatically! Look for the new “Syncing Google Classroom…” notification at the top of the gradebook page, which will let you know if data is being pulled from Google Classroom in the background.
  • Numbers on generated class rosters will now accurately reflect numbering assigned from the Subject Edit page.
  • Fixed some minor display issues in the CMS.