The school year is coming to a close, but here at Beehively, we're just getting started. Today's release includes a ton of new features and fixes to help you prepare for an even more amazing 2021-22 school year!

Dedicated Comment Editor

You can now view and edit comments for a course in a new interface focused entirely on comments. You can also use (limited) formatting options like bold, italics, underlines, and lists. Grades for the academic period you are editing are also visible in this view so you don’t have to go back and forth! You can reach this screen by clicking “Edit Comments” in the main gradebook view.

Even more functionality is planned for this area in the future, such as adding links to Loom videos, exporting comments, and viewing all comments for a particular student!

Even More Overrides

You can now override a percentage grade to anything you want - even non-numeric characters! If you enter a non-numeric override here, a notification will be shown in the override box and on the final grade screen that final grades will not be calculated (although you can still override the final percentage grade to whatever you want).

Website Editing (CMS) Improvements

  • Permissions are now simpler in the CMS - just add a user in the CMS People section and they can see the option to edit websites in the main interface.
  • We now log what user made a change in Revisions of a page or content entry. Now you know exactly who made what changes!
  • You can now replace a file with a file of the same extension and the file tag will remain the same. Link documents with file tags, then make updates in the Files section and know that you don’t have to go hunt down everywhere the file is used to update URLs!
  • Fixed lots of minor issues in the CMS.

Enrollment Statuses

You can set students as “Inactive” in courses, which allows them to have their grades still show on reports but not have scheduled course events show on their Today page. Students can be marked “Inactive” from a certain date onwards.

Other Improvements

  • Teachers can now choose to be addressed by their salutation and last name instead of first name and last name. For example, John Doe can be Mr. Doe. Currently, this only reflects on report cards - but we will soon use this to affect how names are shown in other areas (to students).
  • Related to the last point, teachers can ALSO choose to be addressed by their salutation and first name - so John Doe could also be Mr. John. Some teachers use this form of address, particularly in younger grades.
  • More readability improvements to profile update notification emails
  • Fixed an issue affecting the New Family form
  • Fixed an issue affecting Google Team Drive integration
  • Fixed an issue affecting file link expiration in Files
  • Fixed an issue affecting custom links in groups