Hello again Beehively users! A new update to Beehively is live as of the morning of July 30th, 2020. We are bringing you improvements to our new Hybrid Learning Platform and working on exciting new features for next year. The changes that this release includes are:

New Features

  • You can use the new Next/Previous day navigation buttons on the Today Page to see your schedule on any day in the past or future.
  • Events on the Today page now indicate whether your meeting is In-Class or Online. Easily keep track of where you’re supposed to be and what time you’re supposed to be there!

  • Calendar events show both the school’s time zone and the user’s local time zone. For those of you operating across multiple time zones, you no longer have to worry about any time zone confusion!
  • Now easily customize your school’s portal with the ability to change the school logo and color.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to sending announcements to parents
  • Fixed a bug related to group inbound email addresses
  • Fixed a bug related to saving group settings
  • Fixed a few bugs related to scheduling and events