Hello Beehively users! A new update to Beehively is live as of the morning of August 14th, 2020. As the beginning of the next school year quickly approaches, Beehively is working to ensure that our schools have all the support they need for successful distance learning. We are constantly listening to your feedback about improvements we can make in our software. Today we have made a bunch of exciting changes:

New Features

  • Volunteer hours, event signups, and the directory are now available in the New Beehively!
  • You can clone previous announcements to create new announcements easier and faster
  • Parents can edit their child’s information directly from their account
  • Admins now have the ability to easily change the name on the school homepage.
  • We updated the group Meet Page so that you can see all the important information about your homeroom’s meetings all in one place
  • You can now more easily customize your school’s logo.
  • You can schedule events and periods down to the minute
  • Staff members who are also parents can easily switch between accounts
  • You can easily unsubscribe from emails through the My Info page
  • The full Announcement editor now launches immediately so that you can create the announcement that you want without any extra steps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to updating school logos
  • Fixed a bug related to editing or deleting schoolwide calendar events
  • Fixed a bug related to spotlights
  • Fixed a bug related to adding resources
  • Fixed a bug related to permissions
  • Fixed a bug that caused subjects to duplicate in the calendar
  • Fixed a bug related to deleting timetables