Hello Beehively users! Today we released an exciting new feature that allows teachers and administrators to preview the Today Pages for their students and parents.

For teachers, you can view Today Pages for students in your courses directly from the course edit page. This way you can check what your students are seeing while you are scheduling your courses with as few clicks as possible. Simply go to the Students tab for the course you are scheduling and click on the Today Page button next to their name. This will open up a new tab with a view of that student’s Today Page.

For Administrators, you can also view the Today Page through the course edit page but you also have a few more options. From your own Today Page, you will see a new button that allows you to switch your View of the Today page. When you first load the Today page, it will say “Viewing My Meetings”. If you click on this button, you will have the option to view all of the meetings for the entire school or the meetings for any specific person. Just select the role type you want to view then search the individual’s name. Alternatively, you can also view any individual’s Today Page from the people section, by clicking More next to their name, and then clicking “Today Page” in the dropdown menu.