Hi Beehively Users,

Our motivation when designing new features is to make everything for our schools as easy as possible. To meet the needs of our school communities, we created a new streamlined COVID-19 screening tool. Keep reading to learn more about it and check out the features page here!

With this new health screening feature, you can easily track and manage the health of your students and staff before they come into school, all from the same place. We recognize that the needs of each school are different, which is why we made the health survey completely customizable. You can use our default screen questions or easily add, edit, and skip questions on the form.

Once the form is set up, you can choose to send up to two automatic daily reminders to parents to fill out the survey for their students. Also, you can easily view who has received, opened, and interacted with these email notifications.

Parents with multiple students are able to fill out multiple surveys at the same time. Once parents answer the questions for their students, they will get an immediate response that either approves the student to attend school in person or recommends that the student stay home.

The school will also receive immediate survey results, with an easily accessible list of responses for each student. This allows you to easily review the screening pass or fails for every student, with easy search, filter, and downloading capabilities to accomplish what you need.

If you want to enable this feature for your school, contact us here!