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Students may be learning at home but your classroom is still your community. Let us help you bring that community online.

With the impact of the COVID-19 virus and long-term shelter in place orders affecting all aspects of the education world, Beehively is here to support schools as much as possible. To this end, we are offering a FREE Distance Learning Platform based on features offered by our current software to keep your community connected while you are live streaming, hybrid learning or even at a distance.

Your classroom is your community
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What Does The FREE Package include?

Simple, Organized Schedule Page

No matter how your students are learning or where they are, keeping track of online meeting links and times is now easier then ever. Beehively’s schedule page organizes the day for your students, including links to all meetings and upcoming homework.

Virtual Classroom

Teach Smarter with Video

Hybrid learning means a lot of creative teaching and the Beehively platform is flexible enough to support them all. Host live video meetings, record them and automatically have them archived for future viewing, because we all know how helpful review can be! Record your lessons on YouTube or Loom, then use Beehively to distribute them to your class with the click of a button. Beehively supports your live stream needs as well - in fact our great tech team can even help you figure out what equipment you need to make that experience great.

Teach Smarter

Personalized Classroom Pages

Your classroom page is your hub for teaching online. Bring your class together with one awesome place to, host live sessions, post video lessons, homework, files, and announcements.

Personalized Classroom

Flexible Hybrid Attendance

Taking attendance is a critical daily task for teachers that takes on a whole new look in distance and hybrid learning models. Beehively’s live meeting software automatically logs student attendance. Need something more basic just for the day, for students learning from home parents can log in and mark their child absent or present in only a few seconds. Teachers will see this information pre-filled in their attendance-taking screen. Once all parents have submitted their attendance, it’s a simple as checking it over and hitting submit!


Even More Features Coming Soon

Beehively is committed to providing you the resources you need to teach in this new world of Hybrid Learning. Does your school need something that you can’t find a solution for? We’d love to help. Let us know here and we’ll be in touch.

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Have other questions - reach out to our amazing sales team, we are here for you.