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Engage Your Parents with Great Communication

5 Ways to Engage Parents through Online Communication

  • Share Up to Date Calendars - Parents want to quickly know what is coming next, what deadlines are important and what events they needs to plan for. Make it even easier for your parents by using a calendar that links to their phone so it is easily accessible wherever they are!
  • Email Progress Reports - Keep open lines of communication with parents around the progress of their student. Avoid surprises at the end of the grading period by regularly emailing progress reports. Even if grades are available to parents online, sending the reports helps the information arrive right in their inbox, where it is easy to review.
  • Send Positive Communications - Parents don't only want to hear from teachers when their student is struggling, failing to meet expectations or causing trouble in class. Share positive updates with parents, quick emails or text messages, to highlight ways their students are excelling in class. These positive communications will help keep parents engaged and regularly reading your communications.
  • Lists and Bullet Points Are Your Best Friend - Parents are often reading your communication on mobile devices, on the go. Avoid long newsletters, unnecessarily clip art and other distractions. Summarize important items for parents using lists so that they can easily scan the information. Long newsletters, designed for printing, might look nice, but often don't translate well on mobile devices and are not read by parents.
  • Confirm Receipt & Follow Up - You send hours every year preparing and sending communications to parents, so make sure they are being received! Use communication dashboards to confirm parents are receiving and opening your emails. If you find parents are not receiving emails or aren't opening them, reach out in person or over the phone to confirm their email is correct and they haven't marked your email accidentally as spam. Parents respond well to knowing you care.