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Gradebooks Made Easy

A teacher’s gradebook is the backbone of their classroom, but it shouldn’t be a pain. That’s why it’s so important for taking, storing, and sharing grades to be as easy as possible. The Beehively Student Information System (SIS) software suite effortlessly handles all of your grading and reporting needs. Plus, it can integrate with any communications or software program that you’re already using. It’s all part of our dedication to letting teachers get back to what they do best, teaching.

Beehively - SIS

Software Features

  • Integrates with your chosen communications platform
  • Easily enter grades
  • Group and class segmentation
  • Auto-Save keeps data safe
  • Automatically share progress with students and parents
  • Google Integration


Solutions for Any School

It doesn't matter if you're a small, rural private school with in-person classes, a large urban public school that is 100% remote, or anything in-between. We have the plans, programs, and bundles that solve your needs. Explore all of the options that are available to you, and let's start working together today!

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See It in Action

Want to see how Beehively’s SIS helps your teachers create, store, and share grades safely and easily? Connect with us today and get a free demo of how we can work with your school.

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