Tech Services

Network and Infrastructure

You name it, people will want access to it online. We provide the support and infrastructure that allows nearly 100,000 students, parents, staff and admin to connect and communicate every day.

Classroom Tech

Technology evolves quickly and parents expect to see these changes in the classroom. Our team helps you find the right technology for your classroom and makes sure you and your teachers are ready to use it comfortably.


Our accessible system allows parents, teachers and students to come together over what matters. Announcements, newsletters, report cards, urgent alerts. Create, manage, and send with Beehively.

Device Deployment and Management

Students, teachers, and staff have unique needs. We help you plan for these needs and choose the right devices and management system to meet them head on.


We offer ongoing professional development opportunities ranging from device usage to digital citizenship. Our trainers are certified by Apple, Google, and other leading tech companies.


Take the confusion out of creating and managing your web pages. Our easy editing tools and continuous support allow admins to update pages in seconds.

Beehively supports schools on all fronts.

Our goal is to provide a cohesive learning environment that utilizes technology in a way that enhances the experience for both staff and students. This means starting at your tech foundation and working up.

Technical Support

Our knowledgeable support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical questions. We can be reached by email, phone, or text message! Our team also schedules onsite tech support time to touch base with teachers and staff on a regular basis.

Foundation and Tech Planning

Beehively provides free assessments to evaluate the core of your technology, the network, and help you plan for a stronger foundation. This foundation includes:

  • Network support
    - Staging, installation, managing, and monitoring of all network assets.
  • Tech planning
    - Current assessment of technology and personalized recommendations for future technology planning and purchases.

Device Deployment and Management

At Beehively, we believe that technology is a resource that should be utilized by everyone. We understand that maintaining a technology program goes beyond just purchasing a device and handing it to your students. We also understand the risks associated with students accessing the internet. Understanding this, we provide a number of services that help you keep your students safe while still providing them the wealth of information that the internet holds.

Beehively Content Filtering

Keep your students safe while utilizing the amazing learning opportunities found across the internet.

Beehively Content Filtering allows administrators to filter the content their students can view on the web. This works by filtering your local network, so it covers all devices students might use. The network based system is useful because it can be implemented on multiple networks with different permissions. This allows staff members to access a network without the same restrictions as the student network. Filtering the network also means that if students use multiple devices they are covered.


Keeping your Classroom Technology Current

Beehively stays up to date with the latest technology to keep your classroom experience running smoothly. We keep your devices up to date and suggest programs and devices that work together in a cohesive manner.

We help transition new technology into the classroom by providing support and trainings for teachers and staff. Our goal is to make the entire classroom experience easier and more fun for teachers and students.

In order to create an interactive classroom environment, we utilize many different types of technology, including:

  • Projectors and interactive classroom displays
  • Document Cameras and iPad stands
  • Apple TV and Chromecast

Professional Development and EdTech Training

Understanding the complex demands of the classroom and curriculum, we design our trainings to empower your teachers to move their students through deeper levels of technology use, from substitution through redefinition, using Dr. Reuben Puentadura’s SAMR model as a guide for evaluating methods of teaching through technology.

Substitution S Technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional improvement
Augmentation A Technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement
Modification M Technology allows for a significant task redesign
Redefinition R Technology allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable