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"I rely on this every day"

Star rating - <p>&quot;I rely on this every day&quot;</p>

"I love using Beehively. It's is so much, all in one spot."

Star rating - <p>&quot;I love using Beehively. It&#39;s is so much, all in one spot.&quot;</p>

"The software is continuously and rapidly improving."

Star rating - <p>&quot;The software is continuously and rapidly improving.&quot;</p>

Why Choose Us

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Our websites aren't based on templates. All of our websites are designed to be 100% unique to each school.

 Unlimited Customer Support

Unlimited Customer Support

While we primarily provide support during the school’s business hours, our support email is available 24/7. We’re happy to help, even if it’s after hours or an urgent issue.

Works For Any Type of School

Works For Any Type of School

Our staff works closely with all types of schools to ensure that their vision is met and exceeded.

Unlimited Storage Space

Unlimited Storage Space

Fliers, PDFs, videos, and more! You aren't limited on the amount of files that you can upload to your website.

 Free Redesigns Every Two Years

Free Redesigns Every Two Years

Your website is your school's first impression to visitors. We want to help you stay on the cutting edge of new web technologies and design.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

We have ongoing updates to our Software to provide a more consistent user experience for our clients.

Software for Your School

No matter the size, location, and particular needs of your school are, Beehively can work with you to make sure you have what you need. All of our software is built to work with any systems you already have in place, whether you're teaching in-class, in-home, or a hybrid of both. If you are already using software like Google Classroom or Zoom, that’s great! We can consolidate those programs into our system, and make everything run smoothly.

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See why schools all over love Beehively

I am so thankful for your help, assistance, and patience with our new website! It looks great and the process for me was quite painless. I am very appreciative of your kindness and positive attitude throughout. Thank you for working so hard on it!

- Katie, Principal

Each week I discover another awesome technique for making my newsletters better! This week, I found the sizing feature for frames!

- Vienna, Teacher

I love using Beehively. It's is so much all in one spot. I use it as a teacher, and I am able to take attendance, enter grades, communicate with parents, post announcements and homework, showcase spotlights that are going on in my classroom, and there's so much more. It is so easy to use. Amazing!

- Natalie, Teacher

You guys have been great getting things up in record time. I really appreciate it.

- Mary, Administrative Assistant

Beehively has been serving me and my school for the past six years. The responsive & professional staff has made my job as Principal so much easier. Their service and advice are unmatched!

- Antoinette, Principal

Better than anything we've ever used!

- Debbie, Administrative Assistant

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