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ADA Compliance

Here at Beehively, we work with many schools to host their public websites and to provide support for their tech and network infrastructures. One thing we’ve been seeing more of lately, though, is sites that do not meet current ADA accessibility standards. In the last few years, compliance has become an increasingly important issue for schools as advocates press for widespread accessibility.

One special-ed advocate from Michigan, Marcie Lipsitt, has taken a hard stance against ADA unfriendly websites and has started a local campaign in Palo Alto, CA to force organizations into compliance. With the Office of Civil Rights on her side, Marcie could force your school into changing its entire website.

The catch is that some of these changes can be extremely costly, especially when they are federally mandated! Don’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and save yourself from being targeted by recent legislation! No one wants to be stuck paying hefty legal fees and wasting time in court.

Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to ADA noncompliance and allow us to conduct a FREE EVALUATION of your site to save you from future litigation!