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Beehively August 2023 updates

1. Improvement to Newsletter Editing experience:

Newsletter has been a tool that schools use very often to keep their community updated on changes. We have improved a newsletter creation and editing experience.

Here is a loom explaining the changes that enables a users to easily select a template and start editing the newsletter

2. Newsletter OR Announcement - Notify via Text message about the content.

Normally newsletter are distributed via email but now you have the ability to also notify send a text message with short link of the newsletter. This is same for announcements as well. We have also added the ability to preview the text message before it is sent out. If you wish to enable this feature kindly reach out to our support team at 

3. Improvement to Gradebook: 

The whole highlight stays highlighted enabling you to easy identify the student names when entering grades for assignments

Here is loom link to give you a preview, feel free to comment or add a emoji if you liked this update

4. In Role Permission Stats: In roles, You now have the ability to view a stats of roles and people with the given permission

5. Bug fixed:

When adding an Assignment to homework calendar, the content specified was not saved on the homework 

6. Some miscellaneous fixes are done:

The error when copying iCal link in calendar is fixed.